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Автор: aryan_spirit
Дата: 24.09.2005 17:46
Тема: текста Weltanschauung

хоть и не просили ;) все равно кому-то интересно будет

I Feel The Breath Of Ragnarok

The Wanderer, the one who walks these earthly roads
what do you seek among this rotten world
here where only betrayals and meanness could survive
By your faith in your fatherland they would call you heretic
may it be the honour you're looking for but it exists no longer or may it be kinsmenship
The one you'll never find once a hand of your brother is eager to stab you back with knife
so the human worm do mock the greater gods for ages the cursed from was forged
The road from honest sword towards the coward bullet
And the very thunders forged in the heavenly amory now could be hiding in the electric chair.
The world is drunk with dump and bitter darkness, it's burned by the run to progress
It's eaten up and put ob knees before the scoundlers here is the final of your amazing play
But to live upon your pain, we walk towards our doom - we true awaiting Ragnarok
To be a kinsmen, it means to truly be one's brother
to be in brotherhood it means to die for them
But so many here try to find the fault, the fault in their own brothers
And murder them to the greater joy of the crucified fag
When the glitter of gold is more precious than the rays of shining sun
The soul went blind from dirt they throw upon my eyes
The worm crowls towards the gold together with salvation prays
And coated into spiders web, the one just like the thousands others
The coward tries to steal the strength of the strongest
The man is stealing the force which was given to the gods
To stay the same to isolate yourself from others or burn in soulside flames die young
To be all or no one to be the shadow behind it all or one could be a greater memory among its folk
Who is greater, the wolf or the bear or maybe falkon is better than the raven
Inside of senceless questions anong the foolish people
I feel Ragnarok breaths to be alive, means to true at full do not await till oldness take your breath
Watch the stars and walk your only path its time for vilest Ragnarok


The strength grown up upon the remains of the wise thoughts
The greater faith from the most ancient depths
Drenched in blood by the fault of insane
Just sleeeping it was and reacking for its tops
The call of the macrocosm, a chilling chant
When the flask remains the only excuse to stay here
Death hasn't been studied yet and the life still hasn't died in pain
With the knife, with the runes to cut your veins
An empty void a temple of endless sleep
Infinity and darkness an empty void
A song of the ice and the stars that ring on this blackness
A touch of cold, an empty void
The thread of fate is burning with a brightest light
One day it shall get tired of burning
And shall fall down, on the wings of glory shall it echo
Here is your threshold and Algiz it fell into the shades
The stardust is calling to the most distant fars
And only our waiting keeps this endless night alive
steel cold wind pierces us with its breath
Through the pain shall you perceive delight of birth memories
Of the greater past are drowning in blood
Material world has awaken and touched spiritual cosmos inside
War, endless war, where the soul smothers the flesh
Where all the creation ruins creator, war, endless war
The clocks of my heart counts down the remained days
The beginning is gone to the unseen fars to meet the death without regrets
To knock at the door yet not to stay, just to look back and simple to the gods
Then to return to the coldness of cosmos
Now live in the flame of everydays suffering is it the punishment
Solitude and the seeds of revelation it's my Weltanschauung

Hailed Be The Heroes

Once in Ukraine the cannons where roaring
True heroes knew how to rule
With swords they conquered freedom and glory
The glory washed in the rivers of the blood
Once in Khortitza they were building stronghold Sich
Defended our land and gave their lives for it
Upon the Aryan honor and enemies' bones
We shall lead the true way to the glorious ?iriy? Valhalla
Pure heart filled with Aryan blood
Let it beat and let heroic archetypes arise
The spirit yearning to battle
Forever be with you
In your purest blood
It's in your family
It's in your fatherland
It's still alive
And shall shine again in the native Ukraine
Raise your swords the way up high to hail the sun
It's death or victory
These are two ways that lie before our choice
White race would be the highest goal
The warriors of Galychina
Is an ?avaging? blade in strong Slavonic hands
You were stoped one step before the victory
Now it's our turn to realize your dreams
Betrayal stood upon your way
Red butchers destroyed our land
And now Jewisk pest dominates
Brother hold your weapons firm

The New Era Of Swords

The song that sings as the wind as storm
It hurts the soul, it takes my heart away
Was our lands given up surrendered to the foe
Was our kin exterminated extirpated
Our noble ancestors lived by the laws of the gods
Is the true faith of fathers now forgotten
But I do believe the new era of swords shall arise
While we suffer our enemies would laugh
By blood, by honour, by revenge, by force
I swear we shall put an end to it
The clang of breaking chains is the new era of swords
Z.O.G. rules among the nations
The world is full of falsity and lies, they buy all the world
That do belong to higher race, they march across the lands
That do belong to us, they preach eternal peace
But they prepare for war, for war without honour
For war without rules
Where honest swords do not sing their song
But stabs in back are welcomed more
Our race has risen up towards the sky
Has reached the very depth of seas
But no one cares about it anymore
For the degenerates took laurels and rule
Gods fathers wake up from your sleep
Now we shall sharpen our old and rusted swords
No matter if we'll die in the flames of fight
We shall not surrenders our fatherlands
But I do believe new era of the swords shall rise
The deeds of fathers still live in our veins
By blood, by honour
By revenge, by force
I swear our kin shall not die
The clang of breaking chains is the new era of swords
The Knots Upon The Thread Of Fate
A groan of dark wood throughout my daring soul
Rides like a wild hunt and falls like mountain stream of thoughts
A gloom that stole the soil emorisoned buried land inside itself
Strangled in embrace of dusk without fresher gulp of life
Its palms upon the tremor of the rind without a vile call of weakness and pain
The better taste of blood and chill of death, the proud songs of wind
Branches the lands of dead they seize its lead with fears
Deah is not dreadful while you are young
Or when being old you want to pass away
Still his lands reak out for the stars searching for the Thread of Skjuld
Be you the winged one your fate is not to for rot in grave
But he spits poison afraid of his own shadow
Sign of Enuy is a true stigma of egoism
Always drunk of false optimism
Death and vice its lesson it missed
A call of madness a heap of misunderstandings
Its morals and principle are left to rot in dirt
One gathers mud he's living fast
Smashing hands to blood from the senceless spite
One stakes himself and throws a coin
While staring at the gun one looks into her eyes
One finds defence beneath worm's ominous star
He feeds its blood to parasite poisoned buried in the dust of time
And wind still howls against this silence he steals the weerings from the ancient woods
When Lady Sorrow kiss the graveyards, she feeds the burial beast with the wine of blood
And the devil still laughs and hisses greedy breaks his fangs in the malicious grins
Replacing with daydreams the likeness of life for creature that feeds upon the lifes
While someone is fighting the other is just spitting there are also the ones laughing at them both
One losts himself in the search for passion another one shall bury his love in crypts of inmost fears
Death with a Scythe would banish hope rip open a rotten soul with storms
A desert demon shall die by drops of rain and feed the lost soul with its poisoned blood

The Taste Of Victory

Fields are covered with white snows woods are dreaming dreams of soil
Time in slumber 'til Spring falls in white and red the earth lies frozen
Forced whites in time of white clotted with the scarlet blood
Echoed with the pain so dark with grey sorrow was entwined
Yee an Aryan soldier we know your feats of arms
Sleep safe in palace of cold forest snows no matter who where right and wrong
Let the gods see the truth and judge them all, all those who died in nineteen forty five
All those who won and who have lost the war
For sacrifices made to the wrong gods for power given up to our worst foes
Hail soldier hold your banner high time has come to sacrifice your life
Though it's your brother stands on other side still it's time to fullfill the orders to kill
The beast thirsts for Aryan blood squeezing down his greedy claws
With a stolen power he forces brothers to whet against each other
By slyness the blood has been spilled pride has been forgotten and defamed
But the memory still lives in our hearts with an echo of vengeance shall the insults reply
What incited Germans to go against slavs who made Russia to rot Ukraine
Who sucked power from the world like a vampire who feels himself a master today
We remember your feat a soldier of white race no matter either you were German or Slav
Ghosts of war stand before our eyes so we shall not repeat the old mistakes again
We do remember our forefather's oaths we do believe in power of 14 words
Towers have fallen but the persons do stand firm and the Mason's pyramides do stare into our souls
The taste of victory is bitterness and sarcasm
It's price was Shekel and their scourge upon our trampled backs
Oh world beware new master this desert breed won't die on their own
If they weren't burnt those 60 years ago they should be burnt today
Fields are covered with white snows woods are dreaming dreams of soil
Time in slumber 'til spring falls
In white and red the earth lies frozen suffused with blood of red
Our memory dreams in sleeping lands
What should lead your future ways and what do I await today

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