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Автор: Stalin
Дата: 09.10.2007 03:24
Тема: Limbonic Art воскрес однако!!

Limbonic Art - Legacy Of Evil '2007 !!!!!!!!!!!
Symphonic black metal masters LIMBONIC ART will release their comeback CD, entitled "Legacy of Evil", on September 27 via Nocturnal Art Productions / Candlelight. According to a press release, "LIMBONIC ART strike back with full force, more intense and malevolent than ever. This is a well-crafted black metal massacre, with heart and soul!'

On 06.06.06, LIMBONIC ART's two members, Daemon and Morfeus, decided to recurrect the band and re-signed with Nocturnal Art Productions/Candlelight Records.

In 2002, LIMBONIC ART returned with arguably their pre-eminent opus. The band's final album, "The Ultimate Death Worship", was hailed as the band's crowning achievement. Since the departure the two members have been active on different fronts, Daemon with his thrash metal band SARCOMA INC., and Morfeus with DIMENSION F3H, both releasing full-length albums.
взять можно тут: (лично я взял по 1й ссылке, качество - вбр до 320)

Limbonic Art воскрес однако!! (Stalin @ 09.10.2007 03:24)
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