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Дата: 10.11.2003 13:33
Тема: Новости архива

Выложены или обновлены альбомы Paradise Lost "As I Die", "Seals The Sense", "Forever Failure", Live In Moscow (Bootleg) (thanks to AesirLoki), "Lost Paradise", "Gothic", "Shades Of God", "Icon", "Gothic (EP)", "Draconian Times", "The Last Time", "As We Die For (Tribute)" и альбомы Slayer "Show No Mercy", "Haunting The Chapel", "Hell Awaits", "Live Undead", "Reign In Blood", "South Of Heaven", "Blood Pack", "Seasons In The Abyss", "Decade Of Aggression", "Divine Intervention", "Undisputed Attitude", "Diabolus In Musica", "God Hates Us All" (thanks to Satanist). Выложены Lost In Twilight "Planeteer" (thanks to AesirLoki), Riger "Der Wanderer", Riger "Des Blutes Stimme" (thanks to Meandor).

Те, кто не любит котов - собаки.

Новости архива (MATPOCKuH @ 10.11.2003 13:33)
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