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Дата: 30.07.2004 18:07
Тема: Новости архива

Обновлены Therion "Of Darkness", Therion "Beyond Sanctorum", Therion "Symphony Masses - Ho Drakon Ho Megas", Therion "Lepaca Kliffoth", Therion "Theli", Therion "A'arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming", Therion "Vovin", Therion "Crowning Of Atlantis", Therion "Deggial" (thanks to Satanist).
Выложены Therion "Time Shall Tell (Demo)", Therion "The Beauty In Black", Therion "Siren Of The Woods", Therion "Eye Of Shiva" (thanks to Satanist), Diabolical "A Thousand Deaths", Divine Souls "Embodiment", Divine Souls "The Bitter Selfcaged Man" (thanks to Pollux), Misteltein "Divine. Desecrate. Complete" (thanks to Ssphinx), Therion "Lemuria", Therion "Sirius B".

Те, кто не любит котов - собаки.

Новости архива (MATPOCKuH @ 30.07.2004 18:07)
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