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Дата: 09.09.2004 19:49
Тема: Новости архива

Выложены Cradle Of Filth "Nymphetamine", Anorexia Nervosa "Suicide Is Sexy", Amon Amarth "Thor Arise (Demo)", Amon Amarth "Fate Of Norns (Promo)", Forefather "Ours Is The Kingdom", Dark Fortress "Tales From Eternal Dusk", Dark Fortress "Stab Wounds", Hecate Enthroned "Redimus", Lake Of Tears "Blackbrickroad", Lord Belial "Scythe Of Death (MCD)", Lord Belial "The Seal Of Belial", Rotting Christ "Sanctus Diavolos (Promo)", Seth "By Fire, Power Shall Be...", Seth "L'Excellence", Seth "Era Decay (Promo)", Morgul "The Horror Grandeur" (thanks to Ssphinx), Lake Of Tears "Lady Rosenred" (thanks to Metalian).

Те, кто не любит котов - собаки.

Новости архива (MATPOCKuH @ 09.09.2004 19:49)
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