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Дата: 14.03.2005 19:00
Тема: Новости архива

Выложены Alastor Sanguinary Embryo "D.E.M.O.N.", Anael "Page (Promo)", Anata "Bury Forever The Garden Of Lie (Demo)", Another Kind Of Death "Unfinished (Promo)", Aryadeva "Invoking The Ancient Forces (Promo)", Bloodaxe "Bloodthrone", Bloodline "Werewolf Training", Calvarium "The Skull Of Golgotha", Clandestine Blaze "Night Of The Unholy Flames", Clandestine Blaze "Fist Of The Northern Destroyer", Count De Nocte "Carpe Noctum", Destinity "In Excelsis Dementia", Dies Ater "Rabenflug (Demo)", Drawn "Plan Be (MCD)", Equilibrium "Turis Fratyr", Frost "Cursed Again", Frost "Talking To God", Funeris Nocturnum "Pure Satanic Blasphemy", Funeris Nocturnum "From The Aspect Of Darkly Illuminated", Funeris Nocturnum "Code 666 : Religion Syndrome Deceased", Glittertind "Mellom Bakkar Og Berg", Glittertind "Evige Asatro", Goat Of Mendes "Hymn To One Ablaze", Goat Of Mendes "A Book Of Shadows", Heulend Horn "The Saga Of The Draugr", Hordes Of Loki "Resurrected Pride Once Lost (Demo)", Hrossharsgrani "In The Mystic Forest (Demo)", Hyrmundsgard "Heil Dem Herren Neuer Landen", Kayzen "Irremediable (Promo)", Korpiklaani "Voice Of Wilderness", Lucifugum "Нахристихрящях" (обновлён), Metsatoll "Hiiekoda", Mz 412 "In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Lucifieri Excelsi", Mz 412 "Burning The Temple Of God", Nerthus "Black Medieval Art", Reign Of Erebus "Inversion Principle", Rivendell "Poems Of Mountains And Forests (Demo)", Secrets Of The Moon "Stronghold Of The Inviolables", Shining "Angst", The Ancient's Rebirth "Damnated Hell's Arrival", The Equinox Ov The Gods "Where Angels Dare Not Tread", Thronar "Promo", Thrudvangar "Ahnenthron", Thus Defiled "Through The Impure Veil Of Dawn", Thus Defiled "Wings Of The Nightstorm", Thy Worshiper "Popiot", Weeping Birth "A Painting Of Raven And Rape", Winter Solstice "The Fall Of Rome", Векша "На Пороге Ночи", Нахема "Если Горит Полночная Звезда" (thanks to Ssphinx), Anata "The Infernal Depths Of Hatred", Anata "Dreams Of Death And Dismay", Anata "Under A Stone With No Inscription" (thanks to Pollux).

Те, кто не любит котов - собаки.

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