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Дата: 15.12.2005 20:33
Тема: Новости архива

Выложены 731 Urkved "731 Urkved (Demo)", Abigail "Ultimate Unholy Death", Abigail "Descending From A Blackened Sky", Agon Origin "Vermination (Demo)", Akercocke "Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone", Anorexia Nervosa "Redemption Process", Anorexia Nervosa "The September (EP)", Archgoat "Angelcunt (Tales Of Desecration) (EP)", Arsis "A Diamond For Disease (EP)", Baltak "Kral Na Dva Svetoj (King Of Two Words)", Baltak "Macedonian Darkness & Evil", Bergthron "Uralte Gedanken (EP)", Bergthron "Jagdheim", Bethlehem "Sardonischer Untergang Im Zeichen Irreligioser Darbietung", Betrayer "Calamity", Beyond Dawn "Pity Love", Bleeding Art "In The Eternal Garden Of Death (Demo)", Blood Haven "Religious Suffocation", Blood Of Christ "...A Dream To Remember", Blood Stained Dusk "Thy Legions Reign Over Christendom", Bloodshed "Blade Eleventh (EP)", Blot Mine "Ashcloud", Borgmester Dahl "Demo'98-99 (Demo)", Borgmester Dahl "Meditatio Mortis (Split)", Brume D'automne "Fiers Et Victorieux", Callenish Circle "Drift Of Empathy", Callenish Circle "Escape (MCD)", Callenish Circle "My Passion Your Pain", Callenish Circle "Pitch Black Effect", Callenish Circle "Flesh Power Dominion", Canopy "Will And Perception (EP)", Cardiac "Autumn Storms", Centinex "Transcend The Dark Chaos (EP)", Centinex "Reflections", Christ Agony "Sacronocturn (Demo)", Christ Agony "Darkside", Christ Agony "Elysium", Christ Agony "Unholyunion", Christ Agony "Epitaph Of Christ", Christ Agony "Daemoonseth Act II", Christ Agony "Moonlight - Act III", Christ Agony "Trilogy", Cold Passion "New Age Architects", Corpus Christii "Master Of (EP)", Corpus Christii "Tormented Belief", Corpus Christii "The Torment Continues" (thanks to Ssphinx), Baltak "Zaginatiot Grad" (thanks to Satanist), Bethlehem "Dictius Te Necare" (thanks to Metalian).

Те, кто не любит котов - собаки.

Новости архива (MATPOCKuH @ 15.12.2005 20:33)
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