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Дата: 17.10.2008 14:11
Тема: Новости архива

Выложены Adversam "Animadverte" '1999, Adversam "Proclama" '2008, Aeba "Kodex V" '2008, Alghazanth "Dim Is The Moon's Light (Demo)" '1997, Alghazanth "The Phosphorescent (CDS)" '2008, Alghazanth "Wreath Of Thevetat" '2008, Ancestors Blood "Wisdom Opens The Gates For The King (Demo)" '2003, Ancestors Blood "Return Of The Ancient Ones" '2008, Animus Mortis "Atrabilis (Residues From Verb & Flesh)" '2008, Ansur "Warring Factions" '2008, Arsis "We Are The Nightmare" '2008, Artefact "Ruins" '2008, Averse Sefira "Advent Parallax" '2008, Azaghal "Luciferin Valo" '2006, Azaghal "Omega" '2008, Baptism "Sons Of Ruin & Terror (Demo)" '2000, Baptism "The Beherial Midnight" '2002, Baptism "Black Ceremony (EP)" '2004, Baptism "Evil Mysteries (EP)" '2006, Baptism "Grim Arts Of Melancholy" '2008, Behexen "Eternal Realm (Demo)" '1997, Behexen "Blessed Be The Darkness (Demo)" '1998, Behexen "My Soul For His Glory" '2008, Belphegor "The Last Supper (Rerelease)" '1999, Belphegor "Pestapokalypse VI" '2006, Belphegor "Bloodbath In Paradise (EP)" '1992, Belphegor "Blutsabbath" '1997, Belphegor "Goatreich - Fleshcult" '2005, Belphegor "Bondage Goat Zombie" '2008, Blackwind "Flesh Inferno" '2008, Blackwinds "Origin" '2008, Brown Jenkins "Brown Jenkins" '2008, Carach Angren "Lammendam" '2008, Carcharoth "Desolated Battlefields" '2008, Celestia "A Dying Out Ecstasy (Demo)" '1998, Celestia "A Cave Full Of Bats (MCD)" '1999, Celestia "Dead Insecta Sequestration" '2003, Celestia "Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinen" '2008, Celestial Bloodshed "Cursed, Scarred And Forever Possessed" '2008, Children Of Bodom "Are You Dead Yet?" '2005, Children Of Bodom "Blooddrunk" '2008, Children Of Bodom "Blooddrunk (CDS)" '2008, Cor Scorpii "Attergangar (Demo)" '2005, Cor Scorpii "Monument" '2008, Cradle Of Filth "Dirge Inferno (CDS)" '2006, Cradle Of Filth "Thornography" '2006, Cradle Of Filth "Orgiastic Pleasures Foul (Demo)" '1992, Cradle Of Filth "Harder, Darker, Faster: Thornography Deluxe" '2008, Crematory "Pray" '2008, Crematory "Greed Digipak" '2004, Cryptic Tales "Valley Of The Dolls" '1994, Cryptic Tales "The Tales" '1996, Cryptic Tales "VII Dogmata Of Mercy" '2008, Dagorlad "Herald Of Doom" '2008, Dark Age "Minus Exitus" '2008, Dark Fortress "Seance" '2006, Dark Fortress "Eidolon" '2008, Dead Christ Cult "Stigma" '2008, Deathgate Arkanum "Stillhallen" '2008, Degradead "Til Death Do Us Apart" '2008, Dekadent "The Deliverance Of The Fall" '2008, Destinity "Wepts From The Sky" '1999, Destinity "Supreme Domination's Art" '2001, Destinity "Under The Smell Of Chaos" '2003, Destinity "The Inside" '2008, Detonator 666 "At The Dawn Of Sadistic Infernal Holocaust" '2004, Detonator 666 "Supremacy And Tyranny" '2008, Dulcamara "Anatomicamente Imperfecto" '2008, Elivagar "Heirs Of The Ancient Tales" '2008, Eluveitie "Ven (MCD)" '2003, Eluveitie "Spirit" '2006, Eluveitie "Slania" '2008, Elvira Madigan "Regent Sie" '2008, Enclave "Paradise Of Putrefaction" '2008, Enoid "Dodssyklus" '2007, Enoid "Ad Nilem (EP)" '2008, Epiclore "Labyrinth Alpha" '2008, Epping Forest "Everblasting Struggle" '2008, Flagellum Dei "Under The Might" '2008, Flame Of War "Europa Or The Spirit Among The Ruins" '2008, Flaming Fog "Armony In Desgrace (EP)" '2008, Flesh "Worship The Soul Of Disgust" '2008, Folkearth "By The Sword Of My Father" '2006, Folkearth "Drakkars In The Mist" '2007, Folkearth "Father Of Victory" '2008, Forefather "Steadfast" '2008, Gargotheron "Black Metal Supreme" '2008, Geimhre "Mollachd" '2005, Geimhre "Hinterland Suthainn" '2007, Geimhre "Noidagh" '2008, Gloria Morti "Eryx" '2008, Gouda Borgir "Ostafaerd (EP)" '2008, Grab "Plague" '2008, Gwydion "Ynys Moen" '2008, Hate "Morphosis" '2008, Hegemon "Contempus Mundi" '2008, Hegemon "Chaos Supreme" '2000, Helheim "Nidr Ok Nordr Liggr Helvegr (Demo)" '1994, Helheim "Kaoskult" '2008, Her Whisper "The Great Unifier" '2008, Hindvir "Roth Cingetos Taxonaria" '2008, IC Rex "Valonkantajan Alkemia" '2008, In Flames "A Sense Of Purpose" '2008, Inferno "'V Navratu Pohanstvi...'" '2003, Inferno "Utter Hell" '1996, Inferno "Downtown Hades" '1997, Inferno "Uctivani Temne Zuoivosti" '2008, Iskon "Dok Gniev Prosloti Navire" '2008, KRV "Ponor" '2008, Kalmah "For The Revolution" '2008, Kataklysm "Prevail" '2008, Kawir "Epoptia" '1999, Kawir "Ophiolatreia" '2008, Korpiklaani "Tervaskanto" '2007, Korpiklaani "Keep On Galloping (CDS)" '2008, Korpiklaani "Korven Kuningas" '2008, Kurgan "...And Green Grasses Are Freezing Slowly" '2008, Lost Dreams "End Of Time" '2008, Martriden "The Unsettling Dark" '2008, Mercenary "Architect Of Lies" '2008, Mirrorthrone "Gangrene" '2008, Moonspell "The Antidote" '2003, Moonspell "Memorial" '2006, Moonspell "Under Satanae" '2007, Moonspell "Night Eternal" '2008, Mygrain "Signs Of Existence" '2008, Nastrond "Muspellz Synir" '2008, Nefarium "Praesidium" '2005, Nefarium "Haeretichristus" '2008, Nightwish "Bye Bye Beautiful (CDS)" '2008, Nihil Nocturne "Necrohell" '2003, Nihil Nocturne "Wahnsinn Tod Verrat" '2006, Nihil Nocturne "Entheogen" '2008, Nordafrost "North Arise" '2004, Nordafrost "Back To The Shores Of Grey" '2008, Norther "Till Death Us Unites" '2006, Norther "N" '2008, Orcivus "Consummatum Est" '2008, Rexor "Ain (Demo)" '2008, Rookwood "You Worship Shit" '2008, Svyatogor "...With Wolfish Stalk And By Wings Of Black (Rerelease)" '2007, Thyrgrim "Winterhall" '2006, Thyrgrim "Niedergang" '2008, Fatum "Неприкаянный (Demo)" '2008, Holdaar "Противление" '2007, Holdaar "Путь К Солнцу" '2008, Kamaedzitca "Пяруне" '2008, Svyatogor "Энергия-Свобода Сила Сильная, Власть Властная" '2008, Aboriorth "Far Away From Hateful Mankind Plague" '2007, Adversus "Winter So Unsagbar Winter" '2003, Adversus "Einer Nacht Gewesenes" '2005, Adversus "Laya (EP)" '2007, Aeon "Rise To Dominate" '2007, Aetherius Obscuritas "Layae Bolcsoje" '2006, Aetherius Obscuritas "Viziok (Visions)" '2007, After Death "Retronomicon" '2007, Against The Plagues "The Architecture Of Oppression" '2007, Alfa Eridano Akhernar "Aberrant Hate Icon" '2007, Alien Vampires "Nuns Are Pregnant (MCD)" '2007, Amputator "Amputator (Demo)" '2005, Amputator "Deathcult Barbaric Hell" '2007, Anaal Nathrakh "Eschaton" '2006, Anthems Of Gomorrah "Gebrechlichkeit" '2007, Armagedda "Echoes In Eternity" '2007, Armentar "Baptism By Hate" '2007, Arsonist Lodge "Lihaa Pedolle (Demo)" '2004, Arsonist Lodge "Perkele, Antikristus Ja Vaara Profeetta (MCD)" '2007, Aryanas "Vinlandic Winds Shall Guide Me (Demo)" '2005, Aryanas "Dawn Of A Noble Era" '2007, Aryanas "Volkskrieg (Demo)" '2006, Astaarth "Gloria Burgundia" '2007, Astarium "On The Edge Of Chasm" '2007, Astral Division "Spadyum" '2007, Astrofaes "Dying Emotions Domain" '1998, Astrofaes "'Idea. Form. Essence...'" '2007, Austere "Withering Illusions And Desolation" '2007, Azhyria "The Dark Land" '2007, Azrael "Goat" '2007, Azrael "Self" '2007, Beastcraft "Baptised In Blood And Goatsemen" '2007, Behelal "Metamorphosis" '2007, Belenos "Notre Amour Eternel (Demo)" '1996, Belenos "Triste Pensee" '1997, Belenos "Allegorie D'une Souffrance (Demo)" '1998, Belenos "Notre Amour Eternel" '1998, Belenos "L'Ancien Temps (Triste Pensee) (Rerelease)" '2004, Belenos "Chemins De Souffrance" '2007, Bergraven "Dodsvisioner" '2007, Bergraven "Foerdaerv" '2004, Besatt "In Nomine Satanas" '1997, Besatt "Roots Of Evil (EP)" '2003, Besatt "Black Mass" '2006, Besatt "Triumph Of Antichrist" '2007, Besatt "Hail Lucifer" '2000, Bilskirnir "Wolfswut (EP)" '2006, Bilskirnir "Wotansvolk" '2007, Black Wraith "Channeling The Unlight Of The Moon (Demo)" '2007, Blessmon "Under The Storm Of Hate" '2007, Blinded By Faith "Under An Occult Sun" '2003, Blinded By Faith "Veiled Hideousness (EP) (Rerelease)" '2006, Blinded By Faith "Weapons Of Mass Distraction" '2007, Blodfest "I Kong Skjolds Navn" '2007, Blood Of Kingu "De Occulta Philosophia" '2007, Blood Stain Child "Silence Of Northern Hell" '2002, Blood Stain Child "Idolator" '2005, Blood Stain Child "Mozaiq" '2007, Bloody Sign "Explosion Of Elements" '2007, Blowsight "Destination Terrorville" '2007, Blut Aus Nord "Mort" '2006, Blut Aus Nord "Odinist" '2007, Bluteszorn "Victory Of The Dead" '2007, Blutklinge "Reflection Of A Bleak Mind" '2007, Borgne "II" '2007, By Brute Force "With Intent To Destroy" '2007, Caina "Mourner" '2007, Calvarium Funestus "Opus Domine Satanus" '2007, Ceremony Of Opposites "Death's Dominion" '2007, Chaos Moon "Languor Into Echoes, Beyond" '2007, Chaos Moon "Origin Of Apparition" '2007, Chaoswolf "Lychanthropic Passages And Mystic Blackness (Demo)" '2007, Charnel Valley "The Dark Archives" '2005, Charnel Valley "The Igneous Race" '2007, Church Bizarre "Sinister Glorification" '2007, Cobalt "Eater Of Birds" '2007, Coldhand "Coldfield" '2007, Control Human Delete "Terminal World Perspective" '2007, Corpus Christii "Saeculum Domini" '2000, Corpus Christii "F.O.A.D. (Split)" '2004, Corpus Christii "Rising" '2007, Countess "Holocaust Of The God Believers" '2006, Countess "Blazing Flames Of War" '2007, Crionics "Armageddons Evolution" '2004, Crionics "Neuthrone" '2007, Crionics "Beyond The Blazing Horizon" '2001, Cryfemal "Perpetua Funebre GLoria" '2005, Cryfemal "Apoteosis Oculta" '2007, Crystal Abyss "Word Of The Darkest Ages" '2007, Crystal Abyss "Sageness Fallen (MCD)" '2001, Crystalium "Doxa O Revelation" '2007, Crystalium "De Aeternitate Commando" '2001, Daemonheim "Hexentanz" '2007, Dark Funeral "In The Sign... (EP)" '1994, Dark Funeral "The Secrets Of The Black Arts (Rerelease)" '2007, Darkest Hate Warfront "The Aftermath" '2007, Darkthrone "NWOBHM (New Wave Of Black Heavy Metal) (EP)" '2007, Dead To This World "First Strike For Spiritual Renewance" '2007, Deathrow "Primordial Lifecode" '2007, Deathspell Omega "Infernal Battles" '2000, Deathspell Omega "Inquisitors Of Satan" '2002, Deathspell Omega "Fas - Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem" '2007, Deborah "The Song Of Deborah" '2004, Deborah "Soteria" '2007, Decades Of Blood "Bitchblood And Beatdown Fury (Demo)" '2007, Decayed "The Conjuration Of The Southern Circle" '1993, Decayed "Behold The Wrath (CDS)" '1997, Decayed "The Book Of Darkness" '1999, Decayed "Nockthurnaal" '2001, Decayed "Hexagram" '2007, Deinonychus "Warfare Machines" '2610, Deinonychus "Mournument" '2002, Deofel "Aposni Rytual (The Last Ritual)" '2007, Depressive Reality "Las Sombras" '2007, Devian "Ninewinged Serpent" '2007, Die Entweihung "Die Entweihung (Demo)" '2007, Dimension F3H "Does The Pain Excite You?" '2007, Diphteria "Gateways To My Hell" '2007, Direwolf "Beyond The Lands Of Human Existence" '2007, Dissentient "Northern Aloofness" '2007, Dodheimsgard "Supervillain Outcast (Demo)" '2005, Dodheimsgard "Supervillain Outcast" '2007, Doomsword "My Name Will Live On" '2007, Dorn "Spiegel Der Unendlichkeit" '2007, Drautran "Unter Dem Banner Der Nordwinde (Demo)" '1999, Drautran "Throne Of The Depths" '2007, Drautran "Unter Dem Banner Der Nordwind" '2000, Drowning The Light "A World Long Dead" '2007, Drudkh "Songs Of Grief And Solitude" '2006, Drudkh "Anti-Urban (EP)" '2007, Dusk "Pray For Death" '2007, Dusken "Hateful" '2007, Einherjar "Sur Les Sentiers Dune Guerre Paienne (Demo)" '2007, Eisregen "Blutbahnen" '2007, Elexorien "Elexorien" '2007, Elvenking "The Scythe" '2007, Elysian Blaze "Levitating The Carnal" '2006, Elysian Blaze "Beneath Silent Faces (Rerelease)" '2007, Empyreal Destroyer "The Destroyer (MCD)" '2007, Enslavement Of Beauty "Mere Contemplations" '2007, Enthroned "Prophecies Of Pagan Fire" '1995, Enthroned "Prophecies Of Pagan Fire (Bonus Cd - Live & Demo 94) (Compilation)" '1999, Enthroned "Tetra Karcist" '2007, Entirety "Proud" '2007, Eternity "Funeral Mass" '2007, Fall Of Eden "Dawn Of A New Age" '2007, Farsot "IIII" '2007, Finsterforst "Wiege Der Finsternis (EP)" '2005, Finsterforst "Weltenkraft" '2007, Fjoergyn "Sade Et Masoch" '2007, Forest Of Impaled "Rise And Conquer" '2007, Forgotten Tomb "Negative Megalomania" '2007, Forgotten Woods "Race Of Cain" '2007, Foscor "The Smile Of The Sad Ones" '2007, Frangar "Totalitarian War" '2007, From Ashes "As The Leaves Fall" '2007, Frozen "'Их Имена На Снегах...'" '2007, Funeral Fog "Channelling Ancient Shadows" '2007, Funeral Forest "Winter Forest (Demo)" '2005, Drowning The Light "Through The Noose Of Existance" '2007, Drowning The Light "To The End Of Time" '2007, Funeral Forest "Against The Mordern Black Metal (Demo)" '2007, Funeral Winds "Nexion Xul - The Cursed Blood" '2007, Funeral Winds "Resurection Of The Five Winds" '1993, Furze "First Feast For Freedom (EP)" '2000, Furze "Necromanzee Cogent" '2003, Furze "UTD" '2007, Gallhammer "Ill Innocence" '2007, Gardarika "Volkodav" '2007, Garden Of Delight "Lutherion III" '2007, Geistbeschworer "...Und Zuruck Kehrt Die Pest Namens Nacht" '2007, Gestapo 666 "Black Gestapo Metal" '2005, Gestapo 666 "Nostalgiah" '2007, Geyst "Into The Nocturnal (EP)" '2007, Ghremdrakk "Sterrenpracht" '2006, Ghremdrakk "Je M Exalte" '2007, Glemt "Comatose Visions (Demo)" '2007, Gloomy Grim "Tapetum Lucidum (EP)" '2007, Gloria Diaboli "Gate To Sheol (EP)" '2007, Glorior Belli "Manifesting The Raging Beast" '2007, Goat Semen "En Vivo En Lima Hell" '2007, Gorefest "Rise To Ruin" '2007, Gospel Of The Horns "Realm Of The Damned" '2007, Grabak "Agash Daeva" '2007, Grabak "Demo" '1997, Grabak "Der Prophet Des Chaos" '1999, Graveland "Will Stronger Than Death" '2007, Graveworm "Collateral Defect (Promo)" '2007, Grenade "The Howling Damned" '2007, Grigori "Visions Of A Burning Dawn (Demo)" '2007, Grimfaug "Blood Upon The Face Of Creation" '2004, Grimfaug "Defloration Of Life's Essence" '2007, Groza "Gecmisin Kasvetli Izleri" '2007, Gurtholfinn "Never Forget (Demo)" '2006, Gurtholfinn "The Forest Of Long Awaiting (Demo)" '2007, Hacride "Deviant Current Signal" '2005, Hacride "Amoeba" '2007, Haereticus "Our Legions Fight Religions (Rerelease)" '2007, Hargonath "Hargonath" '2007, Hathor "Ancient" '2007, Havohej "Dethrone The Son Of God" '1993, Havohej "Tungkat Blood Wand (EP)" '2007, Heavenwood "Promo (Demo)" '2007, Helcaraxe "Triumph And Revenge" '2007, Hellishthrone "Light A Candle For The Dead... And A Torch To Burn Their Corpses" '2007, Hellveto "Visions From The Past/stony Fathers Of Winter" '2006, Hellveto "966" '2007, Helrunar "Gratr" '2003, Helrunar "Baldr Ok Iss" '2007, Helvetespine "Frykten Og Mennesket" '2007, Hexenwood "Regevandor" '2007, Hilderog "66,6° Nord" '2007, Hollow Corp. "Cloister Of Radiance" '2007, Horna "Pakanhymni Rehearsal (Demo)" '1994, Horna "Poltettu Rehearsal (Demo)" '1994, Horna "Kristuksentappo Treenit (Rehearsal) (Demo)" '1996, Horna "Pimeyden Hehku (MCD)" '2007, Horna "Sotahuuto" '2007, Huldrefolk "Eeuwenhout" '2007, Hymir "Perish" '2007, Iceni "As Carnyx Screams Consume The Silence (Demo)" '2007, Iciclan "Frozen Dimensions" '2007, Imperium Dekadenz "...Und Die Welt Ward Kalt Und Leer" '2006, Imperium Dekadenz "Dammerung Der Szenarien" '2007, Impious Havoc "At The Ruins Of The Holy Kingdom" '2004, Impious Havoc "The Great Day Of Wrath" '2003, Impious Havoc "Maleficium" '2007, Impious Havoc "Manifestations Of Plague And War" '2007, In Lingua Mortua "Bellowing Sea - Racked By Tempest" '2007, In Vain "The Latter Rain" '2007, InThyFlesh "Crawl Beneath Our Shadow" '2004, InThyFlesh "Lechery Maledictions" '2007, Infernaeon "A Symphony Of Suffering" '2007, Infernal War "Infernal SS" '2002, Infernal War "Redesekration" '2007, Inferno Requiem "Gloomy Night Stories" '2007, Irrlycht "Irrlycht" '2007, Jumalhamara "Slaughter The Messanger (MCD)" '2007, Kalot Enbolot "MCCCXLVII" '2007, Kapein "Aeon Of Rust" '2007, Kekal "The Habit Of Fire" '2007, Kill "Necro (EP)" '2002, Kill "Inverted Funeral" '2007, Klabautamann "Opus Obscoenum Infernalis (Demo)" '1998, Klabautamann "Gott Schenkt Gift (Demo)" '2000, Klabautamann "Our Journey Through The Woods" '2003, Klabautamann "Der Ort" '2005, Klabautamann "Klabautamann (EP)" '2007, Korgonthurus "Root Of Evil (Demo)" '2005, Korgonthurus "Ristilla Madantyen (EP)" '2007, Korvus "In The Name Of Lucifer" '2007, Kroda "Cry To Me, River" '2004, Kroda "'Do Nebokraju Zhittja...'" '2005, Kroda "Fimbulvinter" '2007, Krohm "Crown Of The Ancients (Demo)" '2000, Krohm "The Haunting Presence" '2007, Kromlek "Kveldridhur" '2005, Kromlek "Strange Rumours... Distant Tremors" '2007, Krypt "I Am God (EP)" '2007, Kult Perunov "Slavenski Crni Metal (Demo)" '2007, Kyrie Eleison "... In The Arms Of Decadence" '2007, Kythrone "Kult Des Todes" '2007, Lik "Besvartade Strofer" '2005, Lik "Lekamen Illusionen Kallet" '2007, Limbonic Art "A Legacy Of Evil" '2007, Little Dead Bertha "In Memorium Premortis" '1998, Little Dead Bertha "Two Sides... (Rerelease 2004)" '2000, Little Dead Bertha "Light And Shadows" '2003, Little Dead Bertha "Way Of Blind" '2005, Little Dead Bertha "Dance... In Darkness (EP)" '2007, Loits "Vere Kutse Kohustab" '2004, Loits "Must Album" '2007, Lonndom "Falen Fran Norr" '2007, Lugubrum "De Vette Cuecken" '2004, Lugubrum "Black Prophecies (Demo)" '1993, Lugubrum "Gedachte & Geheugen" '1997, Lugubrum "De Ware Hond" '2007, Lugubrum "Al Ghemist" '2001, Lunatic Gods "Ante Portas" '2007, Lupine Fall "Trials For Worthless Flesh (Demo)" '2001, Lupine Fall "Zarathustran Funeral Song (Demo)" '2003, Lupine Fall "Nemesis Of Nazarene Sickness (Demo)" '2004, Lupine Fall "Cold And Deaf To Sorrow (EP)" '2007, Malfeitor "Unio Mystica Maxima" '2007, Malsain "The Disease" '2007, Manegarm "Vargstenen" '2007, Mare "Rehearsal (Demo)" '2005, Mare "Throne Of The Thirteenth Witch (EP)" '2007, Massenvernichtung "Im Dienste Des Morddoms" '2007, Mayhem "Ordo Ad Chao" '2007, Medea "Декаданс" '2007, Membaris "Into Nevermore" '2007, Menhir "Barditus (Demo)" '1995, Menhir "Die Ewigen Steine" '1997, Menhir "Buchonia (EP)" '1998, Menhir "Ziuwari" '2001, Menhir "Hildebrandslied" '2007, Menhir "Thuringia" '1999, Mephisto "Tyrant's Return" '2007, Mgla "Crushing The Holy Trinity (Split)" '2005, Mgla "Further Down The Nest (EP)" '2007, Mgla "Mdlosci And Further Down The Nest (Compilation)" '2007, Misanthropic Path "A Bluntly Descripton Of The Present" '2007, Moorgate "Close Your Eyes And Fade Away" '2007, Moravska Zima "Pod Praporem Vitezstvi" '2007, Morkriket "Hellwards" '2007, Morrigan "Welcome To Samhain" '2006, Morrigan "The Damned" '2007, Mortuus "De Contemplanda Morte" '2007, Mortuus Infradaemoni "Daemon Qui Fecit Terram" '2007, Must Missa "The Target Of Hate" '2005, Must Missa "Martyr Of Wrath" '2007, Mutiilation "Destroy Your Life For Satan (Demo)" '2001, Mutiilation "Sorrow Galaxies" '2007, N.I.L. "N.I.L." '2007, Nae'blis "Sketches Of Reality" '2007, Narath "Fury" '2007, Ne Obliviscaris "The Aurora Veil (Demo)" '2007, Necromantia "The Sound Of Lucifer Storming Heaven" '2007, Necronoclast "The Plague" '2007, Nekrokrist SS "Suicide" '2007, Neochrome "Manifestation Of The Forgotten Subconscious" '2004, Neochrome "Downfall - ?ollapse" '2007, Nerthus "The Crowned's Reunion" '2007, Nervengas "Alpha Germania" '2007, Nightkarnation "Impending Hell" '2006, Nightkarnation "Hell Overdose (EP)" '2007, Nightrage "A New Disease Is Born" '2007, Nihternnes "The Dawning Of A New Era" '2007, Niroth "Niroth" '2007, Nocturnal Breed "Fields Of Rot" '2007, Nocturnal Depression "Four Seasons To A Depression" '2006, Nocturnal Depression "Soundtrack For A Suicide - Opus II" '2007, Nocturnal Feelings "Consecration Of Evil Forces" '2007, Nordglanz "Kampfhymnen Germaniens" '2006, Nordglanz "Heldenreich" '2004, Nordglanz "Volkischer Schwarzmetall" '2007, Nordheim "Nordheim (MCD)" '2007, Noromi Lucalen "A Pitiful Tribute To Satan (Demo)" '2007, Northern Breeze "Sailing To The North" '2007, Northern Frost "Ewig Kalte (EP)" '2007, Obituary "Xecutioner's Return" '2007, Obscure "Shedded Blood" '2007, Obscurus Advocam "Verbia Daemonicus" '2007, Obskene Sonare "Wildes Blut (Demo)" '2006, Obskene Sonare "Todnachten (MCD)" '2007, Odious "Summoned By Night (Demo)" '2003, Odious "Mirror Of Vibrations" '2007, Ohtar "Human Fuel Of Death" '2007, Ominous Grief "Nothing In Remembrance" '2007, Omitir "Old Temple Of Depression" '2007, Pagan Hellfire "In Desolation, In Ruins" '2007, Pagan Heritage "Forn Sed" '2007, Panychida "Paganized" '2007, Panzerfrost "AK-47 Supreme Terrorism Bloodstorm (EP)" '2007, Sigh "Hangman's Hymn" '2007, Slaotvean "Origins" '2007, Soulgrind "Pakana" '2007, Taake "Nekro (EP)" '2007, Taarma "Sorrow Of My Ancestral Spirits" '2006, Taarma "Remnants Of A Tormenting Black Shadow" '2007, The Mission "God Is A Bullet" '2007, Thornspawn "Sanctified By Satan's Blood" '2007, Throne Of Katarsis "An Eternal Dark Horizon" '2007, Thunderbolt "The Sons Of The Darkness" '2001, Thunderbolt "The Burning Deed Of Deceit" '2003, Thunderbolt "Apocalyptic Doom" '2007, Thurs "Mot Nord (Demo)" '2007, Thyruz "Northern Blasphemy" '2007, Trimonium "Son Of A Blizzard" '2007, Tulus "Biography Obscene" '2007, Tulus "Pure Black Energy" '1996, Vehementer Nos "Vehementer Nos" '2007, Vreid "I Krig" '2007, Vrolok "Soul Amputation" '2005, Vrolok "Resurgence II: Where The Dying Meet The Dead" '2003, Vrolok "Resurgence III: Order Of The Sphere" '2007, Watain "Casus Luciferi" '2003, Watain "The Ritual Macabre" '2001, Watain "Puzzlez Ov Flesh" '2002, Watain "Sworn To The Dark" '2007, Weltkrieg "(Demo)" '2007, Winds Of Torment "Delighting In Relentless Ignorance" '2007, Wolfenhords "Pathway To Lunar Utopia" '2007, Wolfenhords "Wolfs Of The New Beginning" '2007, Xeohl "Un Genre De Noir" '2007 (thanks to Ssphinx), Moonspell "Live In Moscow" '2002, Moonspell "Wolfheart" '1995, Moonspell "Sin / Pecado" '1998, Moonspell "2econd Skin" '1997, Moonspell "Unreleased Tracks" '2003, Moonspell "Irreligious" '1996, Moonspell "Darkness And Hope" '2001, Moonspell "The Butterfly Effect" '1999, Moonspell "Under The Moonspell" '1994, Obituary "Anthology" '2001 (thanks to Pollux), Countess "Permafrost" '1992 (thanks to LEICK), Heavenwood "Swallow" '1998, Heavenwood "Diva" '1996, Sopor Aeternus "Dead Lovers' Sarabande (Face Two)" '2000 (thanks to AesirLoki), Obituary "Cause Of Death" '1990, Obituary "Dead" '1998 (thanks to Satanist), Sopor Aeternus "Voyager - The Jugglers Of Jusa" '1997, Sopor Aeternus "The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller (Aus Dem Scho Der Holle Ward Geboren Die Totensonne)" '1997, Sopor Aeternus "Ehjeh Ascher Ehjeh" '1995, Sopor Aeternus "Todeswunch" '1995, Sopor Aeternus "Es Reiten Die Toten So Schnell" '2003 (thanks to Neiromonach).

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