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Дата: 07.07.2009 16:07
Тема: Новости архива

Выложены 5:45 "Notwehr" '2008, Abigail Williams "In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns" '2008, Abomino Aetas "Sower Of Death" '2008, Abused Majesty "...So Man Created God" '2008, Ad Hominem "Theory 0 (EP)" '2008, Ad Noctum "The Excellence Of Supremacy" '2004, Ad Noctum "Arrogance" '2008, Ador Dorath "Bestiari" '2008, Adorned Brood "Noor" '2008, Adumus "Infinite Battles For Immortality (Demo)" '2000, Adumus "Besieging Abominations (EP)" '2000, Adumus "To Heed The Call Of War" '2004, Adumus "Invincible Black Order" '2008, Aeon "An Extravagance Of Norm" '2008, Aeveron "The Ancient Realm (EP)" '2006, Aeveron "Construality" '2004, Aeveron "Existential Dead End" '2008, Agrypnie "F51.4" '2006, Agrypnie "Exit" '2008, Aguynguerran "Hordes Of The Antichrist (Demo)" '2000, Aguynguerran "Perverting The Nazarene Cult" '2008, Akrival "Enigmas Of The Contradictory Nature" '2004, Akrival "Vitriolic" '2008, Amarok "Blasphemous Edictum" '2008, Amnion "The Return Of Total Desolation (Demo)" '2003, Amnion "Cryptic Wanderings" '2008, Amon Amarth "With Oden On Our Side" '2006, Amon Amarth "Twilight Of The Thunder God" '2008, Anatholian Wisdom "Where The Iblis Dwells" '2008, Andras "Iron Way" '2008, Animae Capronii "Saaroth - True Muntagnunn Black Metal" '2008, Aosoth "Aosoth" '2008, Arathorn "Treue & Verrat" '2008, Arathyr "Curse Man's Blame" '2008, Arcana Imperia "Hymns Of Infinite Decay" '2008, Arckanum "Demo 93 (Demo)" '1993, Arckanum "Antikosmos" '2008, Arckanum "Antikosmos (EP)" '2008, Arckanum "Grimalkinz Skaldi (EP)" '2008, Ashen Light "Бог Мертв! Смерть - Бог!" '2006, Ashen Light "Реальная Жизнь - Жизнь Здесь И Сейчас!" '2008, Asmegin "Arv" '2008, Asmegin "Naar Rimkalkene Heves (Demo)" '1999, Athos "Crossing The River Of Charon" '2008, Aurora Black "And The Skies Dream Infinite Sorrow" '2008, Avsky "Mass Destruction" '2006, Avsky "Malignant" '2008, Battle Dagorath "Eternal Throne" '2008, Black Coven "The Awakening Of Funeralia" '2008, Black Flame "Conquering Purity" '2006, Black Flame "Torment And Glory" '2004, Black Flame "Imperivm" '2008, Blodtru "The Death Of The Spirit" '2008, Blood Red Fog "Blood Red Fog" '2006, Blood Red Fog "Radiating Desolation (EP)" '2008, Bloodstained Dusk "Dirge Of Death's Silence" '2000, Bloodstained Dusk "Thy Legions Reign Over Christendom (EP)" '2000, Bloodstained Dusk "Continuance Of Evil" '2004, Bloodstained Dusk "Black Faith Inquisition" '2008, Bloodsworn "All Hyllest Till Satan" '2008, Blutrache "Todessehnsucht" '2008, Borgazur "2P3 Alchemists Earth Of Aeon" '2008, Brother Von Doom "Relentless" '2008, Brutal Morticinio "'Despertar Dos Chacais; O Outono Dos Povos...'" '2008, Burzukh "End Game" '2008, Capitis Damnaire "Black Stigmatized" '2008, Catamenia "Location: Cold" '2006, Catamenia "The Time Unchained" '2008, Ceremonial Castings "The Chaos Chapter (MCD)" '2002, Ceremonial Castings "Barbaric Is The Beast" '2006, Ceremonial Castings "13 Roses (Demo)" '2000, Ceremonial Castings "Vampiria - The Second Coming (Demo)" '2000, Ceremonial Castings "Immortal Black Art" '2005, Ceremonial Castings "Universal Funeral March" '2003, Ceremonial Castings "Salem 1962" '2008, Chainerdog "Journey To The Omega (EP)" '2008, Chaosweaver "Puppetmaster Of Pandemonium" '2008, Children Of Bodom "Hellhounds On My Trail (EP)" '2008, Crystalmoors "Antiqvam Exqvirite Matrem" '2008, Cult Of Luna "Eternal Kingdom" '2008, Cultes Des Ghoules "Haxan" '2008, Dagon "They Who Abideth Amidst The Posion" '2006, Dagon "In Desolationem Per Nefandum" '2008, Dark Domination "Reign Of The Fallen One (EP)" '2008, Dark Ritual "Under Ravenwings" '2008, Darkestrah "The Great Silk Road" '2008, Darkflight "Perfectly Calm" '2008, Deathmoor "Mors Ultima Ratio" '2008, Deathspell Omega "Veritas Diaboli Manet In Aeternum: Chaining The Katechon (EP)" '2008, Deferum Sacrum "Antichristian Disease (EP)" '2008, Deletion "Deletion" '2008, Den Saakaldte "Ol, Morke Og Depresjon" '2008, Detonator 666 "Supremacy & Tyranny" '2008, Devilry "Inhumane Regiment (EP)" '2002, Devilry "Stormbolt (MCD)" '2006, Devilry "Rites For The Spring Of Supremacy" '2008, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter "Riders On The Storm" '2006, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter "Dschingis Khan (EP)" '1998, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter "Licht" '2008, Diminishing Light "Inherited By Earth" '2008, Diocletian "Sect Of Swords (EP)" '2008, Dornenreich "In Luft Geritzt" '2008, Dragobrath "'And Mountains Openeth Eyes...'" '2008, Drowning The Light "The Serpents Reign" '2008, Dusken "Pyrimanes" '2008, Dzjady "Kryveyu Pa Sneze" '2008, Edieh "Butterfly Catastrophe (EP)" '2008, Eisregen "Knochenkult" '2008, Elimi "Summoned From Ashes" '2008, Elite "We Own The Mountains" '2008, Emancer "Utopian Illusions" '2001, Emancer "The Human Experiment" '2002, Emancer "Invisible" '2004, Emancer "The Menace Within" '2005, Emancer "Twilight And Randomness" '2008, Embryonic Cells "Black Seas" '2008, Enslaved "Vertebrae" '2008, Episode 13 "Pitch Black" '2008, Equilibrium "Sagas" '2008, Ereb Altor "By Honour" '2008, Ethereal Woods "In The Forest Of Arden" '2005, Exterminate "Pact (EP)" '2008, Fairytale Abuse "Perversions Of Angel IV" '2008, Falls Of Rauros "Hail Wind And Hewn Oak" '2008, Feigd "Svarte Sjoar (Demo)" '2008, Fimbulvet "Der Ruf In Goldene Hallen" '2008, Finnugor "Darkness Needs Us" '2004, Finnugor "Voitettuani Kuoleman" '2006, Finnugor "Fame Et Morte" '2008, Folkodia "Odes From The Past" '2008, Frangar "1915 Tvtto Per La Patria (MCD)" '2008, Funebre "Indictment About The World Of Man" '2008, Germanen Blut "Der Zorn Des Sturms" '2006, Germanen Blut "Auf In Die Schlacht (Demo)" '2005, Germanen Blut "Wandelnd In Der Einsamkeit Abgrundtiefer Gedanken" '2008, Gramary "Suffocation" '2008, Gravdal "Sadist" '2008, Grimbane "Let The Empires Fall" '2008, Grimburg "Naturherrschaft" '2008, Hammer "Shoax" '2008, Harvist "A Gleam In The Night" '2002, Harvist "Wolfskin Clad" '2008, Heartless "Suicidal Engagement" '2008, Heimdalls Wacht "Westfalischer Schlachtenlarm" '2005, Heimdalls Wacht "Rehearsal (Demo)" '2008, Heimdalls Wacht "Ut De Graute Olle Tied - Deel I" '2008, Helfahrt "Wiedergang" '2008, Helvete "Warmasters" '2008, Hennes Siste Hoest "Host" '2008, Heralder "Twilight Kingdom" '2008, Hermh "Eden's Fire" '2006, Hermh "After The Fire - Ashes (EP)" '2008, Herrschaft "Tesla" '2008, Horgoth "It Finally Comes... (EP)" '2008, Horn "Wanderszeit (Demo)" '2003, Horn "Der Forst Im Fruhjahr" '2004, Horn "Jahreszeiten" '2005, Horn "Die Kraft Der Szenarien" '2006, Horn "Naturkraft" '2008, Horna "Sanojesi Aarelle" '2008, Im Nebel "Vitriol" '2008, Inchivatu "Miseria" '2008, Dark Intermentn "Наши Боги Дремлют В Нас" '2008, Infaust "Des Schmerzes Macht" '2006, Infaust "Blutbad & Melancholie" '2008, Infernal Hate "Upset" '2008, Invocation Of Evil "Satan's Hellfires (Demo)" '2008, Irae "Hellnation" '2008, Iskald "Revelations Of Reckoning Day" '2008, Istapp "Koldens Union" '2008, Jarost Marksa "We The People (EP)" '2008, Jenovah "Post Mortem (Demo)" '2008, Kargvint "Seelenwerks Fortgang" '2008, Keep Of Kalessin "Kolossus" '2008, Khold "Masterpiss Of Pain" '2001, Khold "Hundre Ar Gammal" '2008, Klage "Veltvinters Kraft (Demo)" '2004, Klage "Die Weihe Des Eises - Eine Grossweise" '2008, Koldbrann "Stigma: Pa Kant Med Livet (EP)" '2008, Korog "Mumus" '2008, Krallice "Krallice" '2008, Kreator "Hordes Of Chaos" '2009, Kruk "U Gonar Czornaga Staba" '1998, Kruk "Endkampf" '2008, Kulto Maldito "Kulto A La Bestia" '2008, Leadhaze "Black Water Path" '2008, Leichenbrand "Traumtoeter (EP)" '2008, Lonndom "Hagkomster Fran Nordliga Nejder (EP)" '2008, Lucifugum "Involtation" '2006, Lucifugum "Stigma Egoism" '2003, Lucifugum "Gates Of Nocticula (Demo) (Rerelease)" '2004, Lucifugum "Sociopath Philosophy Cynicism" '2004, Lucifugum "Высшее Искусство Геноцида" '2006, Lucifugum "Acme Adeptum" '2008, Lugubrum "Albino De Congo" '2008, Malnatt "La Voce Dei Morti" '2008, Malnurture "VII (EP)" '2008, Malus "Insignificant Life" '2002, Malus "Creation Of Death" '2003, Malus "In Revenge" '2003, Malus "The Beauty Of Doom" '2008, Massemord "The Whore Of Hate" '2008, Minhyriath "Gondolyn" '2008, Mitochondrion "Archaeaeon" '2008, Moonsorrow "Tulimyrsky (EP)" '2008, Mort "Godless Dominion" '2004, Mort "Raw & Cold" '2008, Mortjuri "...Desoulate" '2008, Nabaath "War Blasphemy (Demo)" '2008, Nachtmystium "Assassins: Black Meddle Pt. 1" '2008, Nachtmystium "Worldfall (EP)" '2008, Nauthisuruz "Visions" '2008, Necrostorm "Necrostorm" '2008, Negativity "Please Kill Yourself" '2007, Negativity "Perpetual Darkness (Demo)" '2008, Neptune "Acts Of Supremacy" '2008, Netherbird "The Ghost Collector" '2008, Neurolepsia "The Apocalyptic Symphony (Demo)" '2008, Nightwish "The Islander (CDS)" '2008, Njiqahdda "Nji. Njiijn. Njiiijn." '2008, Nocte Obducta "Sequenzen Einer Wanderung" '2008, Nyktalgia "Peisithanatos" '2008, Oakenshield "Gylfaginning" '2008, Obscuro "Where Obscurity Dwells" '2008, Obtest "Tukstantmetis" '1997, Obtest "Gyvybes Medis" '2008, October Falls "The Womb Of Primordial Nature" '2008, Odal "Zornes Heimat" '2008, Ode "Schimmenwoud" '2008, Old Forest "Tales Of The Sussex Weald: Part I (EP)" '2008, Opeth "Watershed" '2008, Osirion "Har Sabbat (Rerelease)" '2008, Osirion "Reconquista" '2008, Pagan Hellfire "A Voice From Centuries Away" '2001, Pagan Hellfire "Solidarity" '2008, Panchrysia "In Obscure Depths" '2003, Panchrysia "Deathcult Salvation" '2008, Panopticon "Panopticon" '2008, Paria "Blut Und Knochenstaub (Demo)" '2005, Paria "VerminRace" '2008, Perversus Stigmata "Interstellar Hatred Void (Demo)" '2008, Pripegal "Ziemia Gromadzi Prochy" '2008, Ragnar "The March Of The Unholy Age (EP)" '2008, Redemptor Hominis "Premices I-IV (EP)" '2008, Revenge "Infiltration, Downfall, Death" '2008, Riddle Of Meander "End Of All Lffe And Creation" '2007, Riddle Of Meander "Orcus" '2008, Rovkram "Asscream" '2008, Ruina "Ukruina" '2008, Ruins "Cauldron" '2008, Sacrilegio "La Tradizione Ermetica" '2008, Sanctus Infernum "Sanctus Infernum" '2008, Sanguis "Ascension" '2008, Satan's Host "Great American Scapegoat" '2008, Sator Marte "Termonuklearni Evoluce" '2008, Saturnian Mist "Saturnian Mist (Demo)" '2008, Satyricon "My Skin Is Cold (EP)" '2008, Sect "WWIII" '2008, Septic Flesh "Communion" '2008, Serpent "Cradle Of Insanity" '2005, Serpent "XGODx" '2008, Shadows Ground "Один Путь - Смерть (EP)" '2008, Sightless "Larvae Of Trinity" '2008, Sikaryus "Unrestrained (Demo)" '2008, Skald "I En Svunnen Tid (EP)" '2008, Skjold "Kirkebrand (Demo)" '1996, Skjold "Fourteen Years Hell" '2008, Slavigrom "Kraj Temny (EP)" '2008, Sorg Uten Tarer "Grave Songs [Part 1] [PLamenism]" '2008, Sorgsvart "Vikingtid Og Anarki" '2008, Sothis "De Oppresso Liber" '2008, Stone Of Erech "Stone Of Erech (EP)" '2008, Storming Darkness "...By Path Of Death (EP)" '2003, Storming Darkness "Sin-Thesis" '2008, Stormlord "Mare Nostrum" '2008, Supplicium "Atrae Poenae (EP)" '2008, Svartahrid "Forthcoming Storm" '1999, Svartahrid "As The Sunrise Flickers" '2000, Svartahrid "Malicious Pride" '2008, Svartediket "Svartediket" '2008, Svartkraft "III - Lord Of Vermin" '2008, Svartthron "Bearer Of The Crimson Flame" '2008, Synnove "Synnove (EP)" '2005, Synnove "The Whore And The Bride" '2008, Syphilitic Vaginas "Black Motor Covenant (EP)" '2008, Syphilitic Vaginas "Syphilitic Vaginas (EP)" '2008, Taake "Taake" '2008, Tapetum Lucidum "Machteloos Bestaan" '2008, Teratism "Pure Unadultered Hate" '2008, Teurgia "With True Faith" '2008, Teutoburg Forest "Chao Ab Ordo" '2008, The Absolute Of Malignity "The Absolute Of Malignity" '2008, The Crypt "Heartless Merciless Blasphemous... Martyr Slain" '2003, The Crypt "Bestialmente" '2008, The End Of Six Thousand Years "Isolation" '2008, The Funeral Pyre "Immersed By The Flames Of Mank" '2004, The Funeral Pyre "Wounds" '2008, The Symphonic Wings Of Tragedy "(Demo)" '2008, Theudho "Cult Of Wuotan" '2008, Thorngoth "Rauhnacht" '2008, Thronar "Unleash The Fire" '2008, Tisic Let Od Raje "Waves" '2008, Tjolgtjar "Halloween" '2007, Tjolgtjar "Ikarikitomidun, Lord Of The Forest" '2008, Total Hate "Depopulating Planet Earth" '2008, Tourment Noir "Entre L'enfer Et Le Paradis (EP)" '2008, Transcending Bizarre? "The Serpent's Manifolds" '2008, Trayjen "Walking Among The Stones Of Fire" '2008, Triskele "Les Murmures De La Fore" '2003, Triskele "Origines" '2004, Triskele "Triade Nordique" '2008, Tystnaden "In Our Eye" '2008, Ulvdalir "Flame Once Lost" '2008, Ulvdalir "Soul Void" '2008, Undivine "A Deceitful Calm" '2008, Urn "Dawn Of The Devastation" '2006, Urn "I Am Your Nightmare (EP)" '1998, Urn "Soul Destroyers" '2008, Urt "Ussikuningas-Saatanhark II" '2008, Utgard "Thrones And Dominions" '2008, VI "De Praestigiis Daemonum (MCD)" '2008, Vanguard "Dragon Slayers (EP)" '2006, Vanguard "Erek And Ivor" '2008, Vardlokkur "Fragmenteret Okkult Bespottelse" '2008, Veil "Dolor" '2005, Veil "Sombre" '2008, Velnias "Sovereign Nocturnal" '2008, Verge "(Demo)" '2005, Verge "Hatemagic" '2008, Verjnuarmu "Ruatokansan Uamunkoetto" '2008, Vermeth "Your Ruin" '2001, Vermeth "Suicide Or Be Killed!" '2008, Verzivatar "In The Shadow Of Sombre Clouds" '2008, Virgin Black "Requiem - Fortissimo" '2008, Vobiscum "Berchfrit" '2008, Volahn "Dimensi?nes Del Trance K?smico" '2008, Vreid "Milorg" '2009, W.E.B "Jesus Heist" '2008, Waylander "Honour Amongst Chaos (Demo)" '2007, Waylander "Honour Amongst Chaos" '2008, Weapon "Para Bhakti... Salvation (EP)" '2008, Weeping Birth "Anosognosic Industry Of The I" '2008, Weltkrieg "Свержение Гнетущих Оков (EP)" '2008, Wildesheer "Wildesheer (Demo)" '2002, Wildes Heer "The Beast Takes Flesh" '2008, Winds Of Plague "Decimate The Weak" '2008, Woe "A Spell For The Death Of Man" '2008, Wolf & Winter "Endless Forest Of Silent Sorrow... The Howl Of Hate" '2008, Wolff "Promo 2008 (Demo)" '2008, Wolfmare "Whitemare Rhymes" '2008, Wolfnacht "Zeit Der Cherusker" '2008, Wolfsrune "Screams Of The Forgotten" '2008, Wrath Passion "Careful Saint" '2008, Wurzelkraft "Urgewalt (Demo)" '2005, Wurzelkraft "'Primitiv Und Edel Wie Nie Zuvor...'" '2008, Yaotzin "Heaven Burning Bleeding" '1998, Yaotzin "Mors Christii" '2008, Zerstorer "Panzer Metal" '2008, Zrec "Zertva" '2008, Веретрагор "Чёрное Золото" '2008, Дружина "Эхо Далёких Битв" '2008, Зверъ "В Сердце Леса" '2008, Крада "Ступени" '2008, Лютомысл "Catharsis" '2006, Лютомысл "De Profundi" '2008, Навь "The Wolf's Sun" '2008, Смага "Мои Земли (EP)" '2008, Твердь "Вслед За Солнцеворотом" '2008, Чёрный Кофе "Сладкий Ангел" '1985, Чёрный Кофе "Полукровка (Cds)" '2008 (thanks to Ssphinx), Cult Of Luna "The Beyond" '2003, Kreator "Coma Of Souls" '1990, Kreator "Renewal" '1992, Kreator "Violent Revolution" '2001, Kreator "Outcast" '1997, Kreator "Chosen Few" '1999, Kreator "Endorama" '1999, Kreator "Live In Moscow" '1999, Kreator "Past Life Trauma" '2000, Kreator "Voices Of Transgression" '1999, Waylander "Reawakening Pride Once Lost" '1998, Waylander "The Light The Dark And The Endless Knot" '2001 (thanks to Satanist), Enslaved "Live Retaliation" '2003, Enslaved "Live Retaliation (DVD Bonus Audio)" '2003 (thanks to Pollux), Septic Flesh "Forgotten Paths (The Early Days)" '2000 (thanks to Metalian), Навь "Гимн Холодному Безмолвию (Demo)" '1998, Навь "Из Нави В Явь (Demo)" '1997 (thanks to Neiromonach).

Те, кто не любит котов - собаки.

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