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Автор: Margadon
Дата: 16.11.2001 09:15
Тема: Re: Ышшо один pool

M>>>> недавно один чувак открыл свой ftp://ragnar.dyn.dhs.org/
M>>>> раз туда подобрался, на второй раз не пустил. //хмЫрь
M>>>> А вообсче архивец крутой.
M>>> а ты б почитал из-за чего не пустил ;)
M>>> думаю ошЫбка была что-то типа:
M>>> Too many users logged for this account. Try again later.
M>> B ToM To i delo chto net. Kogda ya ne mog dostuchatsya, on
M>> prosil password.

B> Странно, а мне повезло... И пропустил , и качать дал......

220 Ragnarok's ftp server
331 Password required for anonymous. //то да, то нет
230-Welcome to Ragnarok's ftp server!
230-Right now the server has no ratio\trade\leech accounts,
230-but it has a big problem: it runs on a DSL connection,
230-which means a) upstream speed of only 128kbps
230-b) dynamic ip (which is covered somehow by dhs.org redirection service)
230-I tried to avoid putting well-known bands here, as everyone has them already; //это он конечно молоток
230-amount of users is limited to 4 - please do not hammer , as server is slow a priori. //Вот оно в чём дело
230-Also speed is limited to 3kb\sec per each user. //У меня ещё меньше
230-If server doesn't work, someone wants to obtain my full list or to offer a trade account
230-on his ftp server - feel free to coontact me at azog@mail.com or icq#47341998.
230-Most files here are encoded in 192kbps, as 128kbps I try to avoid.
230-If a generous soul uploads some of the following albums,
230-I would be really appreciated:
230-Angizia - 39 Jahre fur den Leierkastenmann,
230-Mortiis - Smell of Rain,
230-Abruptum - Evil Genius,
230-any Current 93 i don't have,
230-and any Sopor Aeternus.
230-So have fun,
230-I hope you'll find something interesting here.
230 User anonymous logged in.

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