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Автор: pb
Дата: 22.12.2002 00:04
Тема: Re: Rulez (eng)

а можно я немного подкорректирую?. как-то оно странно звучит частично...

M> 1. All musical compositions from this archive can be used only for purposes of demonstration. All rights for these musical compositions are the property of their owners. If you want to keep files you downloaded from this archive you must get the original CD or audiotape.
All musical compositions can be used for private purposes only. All rights for these musical compositions are the property of their respective owners.

M> 2. Channel▓s width is limited: 4 Kbit/sec for each IP address. Maximum number of users who download files simultaneously √ 100. I do not have control over these limitations.
Bandwidth is limited by 4kbps/IP. There is also limit on maximum downloaders - 100 users are allowed.

M> 3. Please, don▓t open too many connections to this site. If the number of active downloads exceeds 3, your access to this site will be automatically denied for 24 hours. Don▓t ask me to cancel your ban if you▓ve been banned, I won▓t do that.
Please, don't open more than 2 connections to this site, or you'll be banned and would't be able to download any files for one week.

M> 4. To start downloading files you need to download this page http://kot.spb.ru/mp3/ first. Your IP will remain active for 7 days. After 7 days you▓ll need to reload the page again, if you want to continue downloading files.
Once you access this page, you can download files for 7 days. After this time, you must access this page again.

M> 5. Don▓t use the kind of software for downloading files that opens more than one connection for one job. Read software documentation before using it. Otherwise you▓ll get banned.
Please don't open more than 2 connections to this site.
(хм, второй раз про одно и тоже...)

M> 6. All files can be accessed only through port 8800 (http://kot.spb.ru:8800/mp3/...). No files can be accessed through http://kot.spb.ru/mp3/.
MP3's can be downloaded via port 8800 only.

Please, don't try to download files via http://kot.spb.ru/, or you'll be banned; files can only be downloaded via http://kot.spb.ru:8800/
(я даже не уверен, что это имеет смысл писать...)

M> 7. Questions relating to quality or amount of available files will not be reviewed.
Questions according to the thematics or bitrate of available files will be rejected.
(злобно конечно, но в тему..)

M> 8. If you want to make a link on your web page, please mention only http://kot.spb.ru/mp3/ address. Do not make direct links to the files. Those will be inactive.
Please don't make direct links to the files on this site, they wouldn't be served. Make links to http://kot.spb.ru/ only!

M> 9. I don▓t provide exchange of music CDs with people.
(даже и не знаю, как нормально сформулировать :( )

M> 10. If you have any music files that might be interesting for me, I can let you upload those files on my server.
I can allow uploading to my server if i would like the music you're going to upload.
(нда, очень коряво сформулировано:( )

M> 11. If you wish to place your banner on my page, we can figure that out too.
If you wish to place your banner(s) on this page - please contact me.
(опять кривовато).

M> 12. Feedback or real propositions you can send to me using this address: dima@elcom.spb.ru. Please send your e-mail only in plain text format, not in HTML or MS WORD. Don▓t use CP 1251 coding option.
All feedback accepted - <dima#elcom.spb.ru>. Please send you mail in plain text, or it'll be rejected.
(оччень будет согласоваться с остальными рулезами; а про кои8 и иже с ними имхо нет смысла в англицких правилах писать).

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