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Автор: Dr. Meandor
Дата: 07.04.2003 13:53
Тема: S O S !

Люди добрыя!
Гляньте сей списочек! Если у кого чего есть оттедова (в 192 и выше, рипанное с CD) дайте знать плиз!

Abyss 1994 About The Abyss
Abyss 1995 Deliverance From Planet Of Animals┘
Adramelech 1996 Psychostasia
Anal Pus 1993 Insurmountable Exhaustion Of Disentombed
Anubis 1997 Taedium Vitae
Autopsy 1992 Acts Of Unspeakable
BOSCH (Hieronimus) 1995 The Human Abstract
Captor 1996 Drowned
Carnival In Coal 1999 Vivalavida
Carnival In Coal 2001 Fear Not
Creepmime 1994 Chiaroscuro
Deceptive 1995 Heart Sweeted Lie
Deceptive 1997 Face In The Rays
Demigod 1992 Slumber Of Sullen Eyes
Enchantment 1994 Dance The Marble Naked
Epilepsy Bout 1996 Lost Control
Epilepsy Bout 1998 Vacuum
Goresleeps 1995 And Voice From The Legend Will Proclaim
Grenouer 1996 Border Of Misty Times
Little Dead Bertha 1998 In Memorium Premortis
Little Dead Bertha 2000 Two Sides
Mangled 1998 Ancient Times
Mental Home 1996 Vale
Misery Loves Co. 1995 Misery Loves Co.
Monstrosity 1997 Millenium
Morta Sculd 1995 For All Eternity
Mortification 1990 The Curse
Mortification 1992 Scrolls Of The Megilloth
Mortification 1993 Post Momentary Affliction
Mortification 1995 Blood World
Mortification 1996 EnVision EvAngelene
Necrocannibal 1994 Somnambuliforfic Possession
Neglectic Fields 1997 Sunthinity
Nembrionic 1995 Psycho One Hundred
Nosferatos 1995 Танцы Мёртвых
Novembre 1995 Wish I Could Dream It Again
Oppressor 1999 Elements Of Corrosion
Pan.Thy.Monium 1992 Dawn Of Dreams
Pan.Thy.Monium 1993 Khaooohs
Pan.Thy.Monium 1995 Dream II
Pitch Shifter 1996 Infotainment?
Pyogenesis 1992 Pyogenesis
Scattered Remnants 1999 Destined To Fall
Secret Discovery 1996 A Question Of Time
Secret Discovery 1996 Hello Goodbye
Sieged Mind 1996 Emptiness
Succubus 1995 Destiny
Thron' 1996 Throne Will Be Ours
Thron' 1996 Here Lies Paganism
Twin Obscenity 1997 Where Light Touches None
Аспид 1993 Кровоизлияние
Кранты 1996 Всем
Кранты 1998 Не Влезай

S O S ! (Dr. Meandor @ 07.04.2003 13:53)
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