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Автор: Dr. Meandor
Дата: 03.09.2003 11:42
Тема: Crematory are back!

Вот что мне выдал ньюзсеттлер с сайта Crematory:

The Comeback! New Album 01.03.2004!
The wait is over!!!!! The never ending belief of the fans in Crematory is finally rewarded!!! CREMATORY will come back!!!
After a three year hiatus, Crematory has determined to give the fans what they craved for. The comeback! After a sufficient break the individual members of the band realised that something substantial was missing in their life. The music! The music that installed Crematory as Germanys leading Gothic Metal band and made many fans elated in the end.
The new songs have been recorded in rough versions and are currently being finalized with the finishing touches before Crematory enter the studio to complete the new album.
The release is set for 01.03.2004. The new album with the working title "Revolution" will be distributed again worldwide by Nuclear Blast.
And a Revolution is what this new masterpiece will be because Crematory have intensified their successful musical style even further and furnished it with highly interesting elements.
Believe in yourself and especially in CREMATORY! (www.crematory.de)

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