Cradle Of Filth "Raredamonaeon" '1998
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Группа: Cradle Of Filth
Альбом: Raredamonaeon
Год: 1998
Объём: 103990KB

01. Hell Awaits (Slayer cover) (5:39, 7948KB, 192Kb/s)
02. Black Metal (Venom cover) (3:20, 4694KB, 192Kb/s)
03. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Shallow Be My Grave)(Iron Maiden) (7:08, 10040KB, 192Kb/s)
04. Sodomy & Lust (Sodom cover) (4:44, 6650KB, 192Kb/s)
05. Dusk And Her Embrace (Live) (5:55, 8330KB, 192Kb/s)
06. Beneath The Howling Stars (Live) (7:44, 10864KB, 192Kb/s)
07. Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids (Live) (6:58, 9798KB, 192Kb/s)
08. Malice Through The Looking Glass (Live) (5:16, 7402KB, 192Kb/s)
09. Carmilla's Masque (Unreleased Studio Track) (2:56, 4118KB, 192Kb/s)
10. The Black Goddess Rises (6:34, 9234KB, 192Kb/s)
11. Unbodied Of Dusk (7:13, 10158KB, 192Kb/s)
12. The Raping Of Faith (0:12, 280KB, 192Kb/s)
13. As Deep As Any Burial (5:59, 8406KB, 192Kb/s)
14. Fraternally Yours (3:46, 5296KB, 192Kb/s)
15. 666 (outro) (0:29, 676KB, 192Kb/s)
16. Last Words By Dani (0:04, 96KB, 192Kb/s)
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