Deflorace "Massacre" '2004
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Группа: Deflorace
Альбом: Massacre
Год: 2004
Стиль: Death Metal
Объём: 48041KB

01. Apocalypse (Ceremony Of Death) (2:24, 4466KB, 256Kb/s)
02. Leszek Pekalski (1:57, 3629KB, 256Kb/s)
03. I Want To Kill (2:10, 4003KB, 256Kb/s)
04. Lada Hujer's Going (2:37, 4868KB, 256Kb/s)
05. The Last Bath (Vampire) (2:37, 4872KB, 256Kb/s)
06. In Sign Of Blood (A Hymn Of Gore) (2:07, 3888KB, 256Kb/s)
07. Scorpion (11 Murders) (2:33, 4740KB, 256Kb/s)
08. Does She Love, Doesn't She Love Me (1:46, 3277KB, 256Kb/s)
09. Murder In The Cinema (2:28, 4572KB, 256Kb/s)
10. The Most Dangerous Game (2:13, 4069KB, 256Kb/s)
11. Christmas Song (3:02, 5652KB, 256Kb/s)
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