Demon Realm "A Legend Of Power" '2004
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Группа: Demon Realm
Альбом: A Legend Of Power
Год: 2004
Стиль: Black Metal
Объём: 85827KB

01. Spheres Of Conquest (4:07, 7715KB, 256Kb/s)
02. Assuming The Form (3:46, 7072KB, 256Kb/s)
03. Pandaemonium Incarnate (2:38, 4946KB, 256Kb/s)
04. I Am Hate (2:13, 4148KB, 256Kb/s)
05. Flow Through The Black Stars (4:40, 8769KB, 256Kb/s)
06. For The Sin Of Ages (4:35, 8589KB, 256Kb/s)
07. Thy Altar Of Darkness (2:21, 4414KB, 256Kb/s)
08. Burning Hate (5:05, 9522KB, 256Kb/s)
09. The Coming (3:57, 7417KB, 256Kb/s)
10. Darkness Is (4:18, 8054KB, 256Kb/s)
11. We Take The Throne (2:24, 4493KB, 256Kb/s)
12. The Path (3:50, 7194KB, 256Kb/s)
13. Iamall (1:51, 3487KB, 256Kb/s)
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