Astral Division "Spadyum" '2007
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Группа: Astral Division
Альбом: Spadyum
Год: 2007
Стиль: Black Metal
Объём: 84552KB

01. As The Era Of Stars Has Begun (2:32, 5940KB, 320Kb/s)
02. Astral Division (5:44, 13440KB, 320Kb/s)
03. Ra (2:54, 6798KB, 320Kb/s)
04. X7 (3:02, 7112KB, 320Kb/s)
05. Throne Of Twilight Star (3:30, 8206KB, 320Kb/s)
06. And Than Blood Will Freeze (4:16, 10002KB, 320Kb/s)
07. Cosmic Sin (2:02, 4768KB, 320Kb/s)
08. Ad Advices (5:02, 11798KB, 320Kb/s)
09. Satalite Of A Pernicious Projection (4:22, 10236KB, 320Kb/s)
10. The Era Of Stars Are Ending (2:40, 6252KB, 320Kb/s)
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