Nokturnal Mortum "Twilightfall (Remastered Demo '1995)" '2004
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Группа: Nokturnal Mortum
Альбом: Twilightfall (Remastered Demo '1995)
Год: 2004
Стиль: Metal
Объём: 47635KB

01. The Unnothingness From Beyond (Siseneg) (2:32, 2380KB, 128Kb/s)
02. Autumn Opposition (9:55, 9302KB, 128Kb/s)
03. Cry Of Ukraine (7:12, 6754KB, 128Kb/s)
04. Where Rivers Flow Into The Seas (3:11, 2982KB, 128Kb/s)
05. Glass Coffin (7:06, 6660KB, 128Kb/s)
06. On The Wings Of Scarlet Sunset (8:16, 7746KB, 128Kb/s)
07. Oriana (Waterfall Of Twilight) (1:07, 1044KB, 128Kb/s)
08. Dark Flower Of Temptation (8:11, 7666KB, 128Kb/s)
09. Tnematset Wen - Nokturnal Mortum (3:18, 3100KB, 128Kb/s)
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