Troll "The Last Predators" '2000
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Группа: Troll
Альбом: The Last Predators
Год: 2000
Объём: 42436KB

01. Bastards Last Breath (Intro) (1:10, 1650KB, 192Kb/s)
02. Fall Of The Marbeled Galaxy (3:07, 4386KB, 192Kb/s)
03. Seierens Stroler (Beams Of Victory) (2:56, 4124KB, 192Kb/s)
04. Mending The Instincts (3:50, 5402KB, 192Kb/s)
05. Colony X-11: Inflict Mythical Mayhem (3:05, 4332KB, 192Kb/s)
06. My Glance Into The Narrow Room (2:33, 3588KB, 192Kb/s)
07. Eyes As In I (2:31, 3532KB, 192Kb/s)
08. A.T. The Riddle (3:40, 5166KB, 192Kb/s)
09. The Last Predators (4:02, 5680KB, 192Kb/s)
10. Frelserens Visjoner (Visions Of The Savior) (2:19, 3250KB, 192Kb/s)
11. Untitled (0:56, 1326KB, 192Kb/s)
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