Naglfar "Pariah" '2005
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Группа: Naglfar
Альбом: Pariah
Год: 2005
Объём: 69991KB

01. Proclamation (0:50, 1316KB, 224Kb/s)
02. A Swarm Of Plagues (4:47, 8621KB, 256Kb/s)
03. Spoken Words Of Venom (4:20, 7925KB, 256Kb/s)
04. The Murder Manifesto (4:26, 8098KB, 256Kb/s)
05. Revelations Carved In Flesh (4:40, 8384KB, 256Kb/s)
06. None Shall Be Spread (5:16, 9331KB, 224Kb/s)
07. And The World Shall Be Your Grave (5:07, 8978KB, 224Kb/s)
08. The Perpetual Horrors (5:03, 8838KB, 224Kb/s)
09. Carnal Scorn & Spiritual Malice (4:36, 8496KB, 256Kb/s)
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