Cryptic Wintermoon "Of Shadows... And The Dark..." '2005
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Группа: Cryptic Wintermoon
Альбом: Of Shadows... And The Dark...
Год: 2005
Объём: 92656KB

01. The Dark Things You Fear (1:13, 1958KB, 224Kb/s)
02. Thrashomatic Over Drive (3:18, 6162KB, 256Kb/s)
03. Portals Of Nightfall (5:30, 10416KB, 256Kb/s)
04. Bonegrinder 1916 (4:45, 8397KB, 224Kb/s)
05. Synthetic God (3:51, 6843KB, 224Kb/s)
06. Where The Oceans Meet Eternity (5:45, 10140KB, 224Kb/s)
07. Grave Without A Name (3:44, 6355KB, 224Kb/s)
08. Once In The Windblasted North (6:25, 11283KB, 224Kb/s)
09. War (Without Any Regret) (4:45, 8688KB, 256Kb/s)
10. Heavy Armed Assault (4:21, 7889KB, 256Kb/s)
11. Open Fire (6:37, 11396KB, 224Kb/s)
12. Grim Frost (1:49, 3123KB, 224Kb/s)
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