Sigh "Scorn Defeat" '1994
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Группа: Sigh
Альбом: Scorn Defeat
Год: 1994
Объём: 101187KB

01. A Victory Of Dakini (6:50, 16036KB, 320Kb/s)
02. The Knell (4:21, 10180KB, 320Kb/s)
03. At My Funeral (5:43, 13406KB, 320Kb/s)
04. Gundali (5:56, 13922KB, 320Kb/s)
05. Ready For The Final War (9:16, 21721KB, 320Kb/s)
06. Weakness Within (3:07, 7326KB, 320Kb/s)
07. Taste Defeat (7:56, 18593KB, 320Kb/s)
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