Aeternus "...And So The Night Became" '1998
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Группа: Aeternus
Альбом: ...And So The Night Became
Год: 1998
Стиль: Metal
Объём: 59712KB

01. There's No Wine Like The Bloods Crimson (13:02, 12226KB, 128Kb/s)
02. As I March (6:25, 6010KB, 128Kb/s)
03. Warrior Of The Cresent Moon (9:23, 8804KB, 128Kb/s)
04. Blodsverging (6:22, 5962KB, 128Kb/s)
05. When The Crows Shadow Falls (8:00, 7494KB, 128Kb/s)
06. Ild Dans (8:12, 7694KB, 128Kb/s)
07. ...And So The Night Became (6:17, 5894KB, 128Kb/s)
08. Fyrndeheimen (6:00, 5628KB, 128Kb/s)
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