Eternal Tears Of Sorrow "Chaotic Beauty" '2000
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Группа: Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
Альбом: Chaotic Beauty
Год: 2000
Объём: 55442KB

01. Shattered Soul (3:54, 5478KB, 192Kb/s)
02. Blood Of Faith Stains My Hands (4:34, 6432KB, 192Kb/s)
03. Autumn's Grief (4:55, 6920KB, 192Kb/s)
04. The Seventh Eclipse (4:22, 6148KB, 192Kb/s)
05. Bride Of The Crimson Sea (5:20, 7508KB, 192Kb/s)
06. Black Tears (3:13, 4528KB, 192Kb/s)
07. Tar Of Chaos (3:27, 4844KB, 192Kb/s)
08. Bhean Sidhe (4:10, 5852KB, 192Kb/s)
09. Nocturnal Strains (5:30, 7732KB, 192Kb/s)
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