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Автор: Sauron
Дата: 30.04.2002 19:58
Тема: Re: Как даунлоадить?

Раздобыл кое-что для писюков

<I>There are programs that you can download to record the streaming video:</I>

И еще

<I>You can download streams f.e. with ASF-Recorder. You get it here:</I>

1. Start up the 300K windows media version of a video.
2. A new frame will pop up with the Media Player embeddeb. Check the source (htmlcode) of this frame with view source.
3. Search for the embedtag for a url starting with http and ending with .asx.
4. Copy that URL and paste it in your downloadmanager.
5. Your will than download a small asx file.
6 Open that file with notepad and you will get the url of an asffile.
7. Copy that URL and paste it in the Open URL of ASFrecorder and the download will start running.

P.S.Сам пока не пробовал - влом ВиртуалПЦ запускать, даунлоадить, разархивировать, ставить, пробовать тащить и т.д.

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